Using the software: Are you a coach, a trainer, a sports speaker, or a teacher? Gestics is the right solution for you!

System Requirements: Works with all systems where it turns LibreOffice or OpenOffice version 3.5 or higher with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

List of Gestics Sports Software used for creating workouts, sports exercises and drills

GESTICS SPORTS: Creates, saves and prints sports exercises. An easy to use software to make sports exercises, drawing drills and trainings, tutorials, techniques and tactics, with graphics schemes for all major sports: Basketball, Waterpolo, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis, All Sports and Traditional Games.

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Make sports exercises with graphics schemes, a simple program to create sports exercises, drawing drills and trainings, tutorials, techniques and tactics


waterpolo03 400pxGESTICS is a system for the construction of sports exercises, drills, sports drills and trainings, tutorials, techniques and tactics mainly for team sports, but also for individual sports and traditional games.

GESTICS stands for Graphics Sports Training Exercises - Images Coaching System.

GESTICS was designed and created by the experiences of the coaches for coaches.

GESTICS allows you to create graphic images in color or black and white drawings and complete training sessions, using playing fields, with views of both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models of the players divided and organized into libraries that analyze and represent the various situations and the fundamentals of the game. In volleyball, for example, we find in addition to dozens of fields many models of players standing at the service, receiving, dribbling, attacking, at wall or in defense.

Gvolleyball01 400pxESTICS for every sport and every game situations provides models of players with a view from the front, back, side, front and oblique oblique behind that will allow us to represent exercises, exercises and games in different angles. For each sport will also find a whole range of generic accessories (hurdles, hoops, sticks, bollards, cones, etc..) And specific (balls, goal, doors, baskets, barriers, flags, stairs, etc..) As well as other useful accessories in training and exercises (benches, carpets, etc..).

GESTICS provides the players in the various libraries, fields, and accessories that are all in vector format, this means that even if you magnify the image, to project it on a big screen, the resolution is always maximum, preventing see that ugly pixelated which makes the grainy images and check all small squares.

GESTICS allows you to move, color, rotate and resize at will any item or accessory, T-shirts and shorts of the players, as well as create custom libraries to be reused in other projects.

hockey01 400pxGESTICS allows you to print your own cards workout on paper in any format, export your work in PDF or image format (jpg, png, gif, etc..), Save and reuse at a later time.

GESTICS born with an idea of simplicity that allows us to focus on the job rather than having to waste whole days to learn a new computer program.

GESTICS can be used by anyone who can use an Office software (LibreOffice / OpenOffice), even with only a basic knowledge. With gestic anyone can now create their own cards of sports exercise, trainings and tutorials.

GESTICS it is installed as an extension in LibreOffice / OpenOffice and allows you to use all the functions that this wonderful program provides. If we have not yet installed this software, no problem, it is an open source software, licensed under the GNU LGPL, Multilingual (more than 50 languages ​​around the world) that you can download, install and use for free at your own leisure. Libreoffice / Openoffice are complete suite of programs for writing, drawing, presentations, etc.. rugby01 400pxAlthough with very few differences, we recommend the use of Libreoffice. The latest version can be downloaded from the official international website:

GESTICS is multilingual and integrates seamlessly within LibreOffice / OpenOffice. In addition GESTICS is modular, meaning that you can buy separate packages that will fit once installed; For example you can buy the soccer package that includes everything needed to create their own jobs. But if later the user wants to create futsal sports exercise  or require additional models of players, no problem, there are additional modules at a reduced cost that install only futsal fields, or hundreds of models of players and goalkeepers.

GESTICS can be used by the word processor (Writer) and through the presentation program (Impress), but the program better and more suitable for the purpose is surely the design (Draw)


Easy and user-frendly software to make sports exercises with graphics schemes, a simple program to create sports exercises, drawing drills and training, tutorials, techniques and tactics in tennis


tennis01 400pxIt is an extension, that is an addition to the program LibreOffice / OpenOffice that allows anyone to create sports exercises, drills, diagrams and game situations even if you don't have drawing skills.

In fact, with a few simple mouse movements you can set various types and various views of the tennis court, have the players and objects, set trajectories of the ball, etc.

In this package you can find several images representing the symbols of the sport court: players, ball, fields, networks, etc. These images, all in vector format, are very suitable for the construction of exercises and drills.

Sincere thanks go to a group of young designers, particularly Benedetta S. Sara S. Lorenzo D. Niccolò T. who designed the initial images of the players on paper. The present work has been done and edited by prof. Gianpaolo Lucatti. The images have been revised and organized in the gallery in different themes. The program is covered by a license that will be asked of course the end user to be accepted in the time of installation.


tennis02 400pxAs soon as we finished the installation we are ready to begin.

To use GESTICS just open LibreOffice Draw (Drawing), the software to create drawings, click on the gallery iconagalleria (Or go to the Tools menu and click Gallery.) And GESTICS can be used by other programs in LibreOffice, in fact, the gallery will be also integrated in Libreoffice Writer (word processor), in Libreoffice Impress (presentations) and in all other programs in the suite.

The galleries are organized in a simple and intuitive way!

The basic model that LibreOffice Draw displays at the time of the opening has the page set with margins at 1 cm on all sides. We recommend you to set the page with margins 2 cm on all sides, (To do this just go to the menu Format -> Page and from there set the margins to 2 cm), or download or open directly from this link the template already set up as it should, named (Base Model Creation Of Cards For Exercises Schemes tennis.odg), inclusive of the fields related to the description of the exercise and simply open it.


tennis03 400pxCreate your own sports exercises and trainings, diagrams of play with a few clicks!

We begin to enter a playing field. We go for example in tennis 3D fields gallery, click and drag the field you want. You can choose the entire field or half-court with the view from above, of a sport to your liking. Position it in the top of the sheet, at the intersection of margins.

Then we go to the gallery of the players we are interested in, such as standing or in defense, choosing the color you want (of course we can always color them after their own pleasure). Now you can take the ball or the basket of balls, braces, pins, add text or another.

At the end of your work you can made the description, and also in this case ypu have at the bottom of all the models of fields, a text frame preset that once dragged and positioned in the page is ready to be able to enter a description or if you do not like you can edit or create a new one according to your needs.

At the end of your work save the file, print it, turn it into a picture or export to pdf. Your exercises or diagram of play will be so ready, also perfect in detail and easy to categorize and remember.


Good preparation of trainings and enjoy with GESTICS !!!

3DBoxSoftware TennisBadmingtonSquashItaliano 200px

Gestics - Tennis - Full Pack - Complete

Description: Create, save, and print easily and in no time sports exercises, play schemes and training, tutorials, techniques and tactics of tennis. Are you a coach, a speaker or a teacher? Gestics is the right solution for your needs. Full Version with fields, players, accessories and symbols.

System Requirements: Works with all systems in which runs LibreOffice or OpenOffice version 3.5 or higher, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Version: 1.0 - English

Object Code: ten-1.0-eng

Price: € 49.00

THE PRODUCT IS IN DOWNLOAD: Once you have purchased the product, you will be provided the link from which to download the installation file.

You'll find the "LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR END-user - LICENSE FOR PERSONAL USE" included in the installation file.

The link from which to download will be sent by e@mail, to the email address provided at the time of payment.