MOVEMENT AND SPORTS GAME FOR CHILDREN - No. 0010 - run, run or chase around the circle

MOVEMENT AND SPORTS GAME FOR CHILDREN - No. 0010 - run, run or chase around the circle


Type and Action

Typology: movement and sports game for children, exercise running games without the ball: animation games
Goal: basic physical-motor activity, basketball, walking, running, throwing, coupling and motor combination skills, space-time and dynamic differentiation skills, orientation skills, maximum speed, dexterity
Action:, dribble

Technical Sheet

Age: 7-11 years, 3-7 years, 11-14 years


arranged in a circle, in the field; not in teams. The range varies from m. 10x10 up to m. 20x20, according to the number of participants


the students are arranged in a circle, about 2 paces from each other. A pupil, holding a circle, goes around the circle and drops it between two children. As soon as the circle touches the ground, the two children get up and run, one clockwise and one counterclockwise, run around the circle made up of children and, the first to arrive, enters the circle. The first to arrive is the winner and has the right to replace the circle.
Place two balls in a basket in the center of the circle: the children must carry out the round after having taken one ball each by dribbling (At the end of the round, pull into the basket from which the balls were taken)
Make the turn instead of dribbling the ball with your hands by kicking it, or rolling it on the ground
RULES: it is forbidden to get up before the circle touches the ground.
PURPOSE: to be the first to return to the starting point
SCORE: 3 points to the first, 1 point to the second.
VICTORY: the one who first enters the circle wins


Run slalom among children in circles or use various other types of translocations and gaits.
Starting from different positions: sitting, prone, supine, etc.
Instead of the circle, drop a handkerchief silently to the ground behind the back of one of those in the circle; the child behind whom the handkerchief fell must catch the child who dropped it before it returns to the vacated spot after it has been around.


Be careful when children turn one clockwise and one counterclockwise


1 handkerchief, 1 circle, 2 balls.

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