Gianpaolo Lucatti, physical education teacher, he graduated first in accounting and then in physical education, with honors from the ISEF in Florence in 1990 He holds several patents and has played the role of an instructor, in many sports in nature national.

He has performed all over the field, from pre-school children, 4-6 years, until the gentle exercise for older people, through fitness activities, aerobics, bodybuilding, football, gymnastics, volleyball, Centers Olympia, Training Centres Motors and Leisure , Giocasport, Fantathlon, swimming, lifeguards, and other related activities. Have you had experience of teaching at public schools, in private gyms, in prison, in swimming pools, at the summer day camps, etc.. He always tried to make the most of your duty as an educator and facilitator, teacher and coach, aware that everything that fails to teach its students that is not a small part of what the students themselves can teach him.

Since 1995, also feeds a big passion for computer science, particularly for open source software (GNU / Linux, LibreOffice, The Gimp, Inkscape, etc..) And programming, as well as for the construction of Web sites. Something in particular, however, in spite of us have tried several times, no one has ever succeeded too well: making drawings of exercises that carefully organized and cataloged in various collections. As the saying goes: "a picture is better than thousand words"

Hence the idea of ​​GESTICS, implement a program that would allow even a "ipodotato graph" to create the images for the sports exercises, sports drills and training, tutorials, techniques and tactics. Looking on the internet you can find something similar, there are several, more or less complicated, but all the ones I found were made in my opinion fairly cumbersome and reduced functionality because they have been programmed from the beginning and not starting from a base of functionality acquired and shared.

I wished that this software was easy to use, could be used on all operating systems, in all languages ​​and had features superior to those of other software I have tried. I come from a wealth of knowledge in open source software where everything is based on the concept of not to start from zero but from where others arrived. I did not have to reinvent the wheel !!! Isaac Newton, considered one of the greatest scientists of all time once said, in a letter to Hooke dated February 5, 1676: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" (... sorry but I did not want absolutely make a comparison, it was just a quote!)

There is already a great program that less than all those who use a computer you are using it regularly, is called LibreOffice. It can be installed on any computer, it is multilingual, it is simple, has very high graphics capabilities, it is an open source software, licensed under the GNU LGPL, Multilingual (more than 50 languages ​​around the world) that you can download, install and use free at your own leisure.

I selected a group of small but great cartoonists, over thirty guys with high graphic skills, I contacted several coaches and together we looked at the various sports and identified the basic game and the various technical movements that normally occur in a particular sport, we called players of each sport and we took pictures of the technical gestures in various angles necessary for a comprehensive view of the field. From the photos we have reproduced all the designs. We have identified and designed for each sport all the views of the field and the accessories required for training, both general and specific. All designs are created in vector format have been packaged and grouped in galleries, ready to be used by anyone.

A work with great passion and care by a team of so many people. A sincere thank you to everyone not just to commitment, but also for the harmony and fun that have accompanied us on this project.


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